What Is DanceCraft?

DanceCraft is an innovative game that helps promote physical activity and improve motor coordination in children with autism in an enjoyable and effective manner. The game uses the readily available gaming system Xbox and the popular game MineCraft. Dance Craft encourages children to have fun and get physical activity in the comfort of their home while avoiding the cost involved in dance therapy classes. The earned credits can also be redeemed in transactions in MineCraft.

Who We Design For?

This product is intended for children with autism. Findings have identified them to be particularly at risk for leading sedentary lifestyles and this product aims to help encourage these individuals to be active and have fun. However, it can be extended to families as it is the perfect opportunity for families as a whole to get some exercise and fun at the same time.

How Does DanceCraft Work?

If you have an Xbox Kinect and a MineCraft account, you are ready to get started! DanceCraft has the option of single or multi-player and thus provides opportunity for some great fun and physical activity on an individual basis or for the entire family. The points gained through the game can be redeemed in MineCraft. These redeemable points help encourage the kids with autism to be continually active.

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