Dance Craft: What We’ve Learned So Far



It has been only one week since the inception of the Autism AppJam competition, yet it has been a week filled with a great deal of teamwork and numerous learning experiences. In addition to honing our skills and knowledge whether it be in informatics, psychology, dance, etc., we have also learned about the day to day experiences of individuals with autism. We have realized that it is something crucial we have to keep in mind throughout our entire design process and the development of our product. We will have to select appropriate elements to incorporate into our product such as suitable colors, transitions. It has been known that children with autism are often very sensitive to stimuli in their environment. To ensure our app is beneficial and not bothersome, we looked into color schemes we could incorporate and those we should avoid. Although not necessarily from scholarly sources, we have found some articles on interior designers who work with families with autistic children who opt for muted or soothing colors in order to best suit the needs of the family. To learn further about this topic, often referred to as “color psychology,” we are planning to talk to Dr. Michael Leon who researches sensory enrichment therapy for autistic children. We are looking forward to learning more! Here are the links to some of the articles we found:

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