“If you’re in it long enough, you don’t even see the code.”


The Matrix quotes aside, it was a busy day for us here at Dance Craft! In true App-Jam fashion, it was decided that we’d blitz as much coding as we could get done on Saturday, leaving Sunday for cleanup and detail work. So, how did it go? Quite well, actually!

The team was split between our two main coders: Oliver handled the interface stuff based off of the designs made by Mengayao, while Kate used her coding prowess to handle the Kinect interface. The rest of us (Nathan and Khalidah) were basically moral support, testing, and food providers. That and continued social media updates and getting the word out about Dance Craft as it developed!


There were a few setbacks. There was a minor car accident (don’t worry; nobody was hurt!) that shook things up a bit, and it turns out making the Xbox 360 Kinect do your exact bidding can be difficulty at times (why won’t you center you silly image?!), but in the end we ended up with a functional early version prototype! Oh, and pizza. Because pizza is awesome.

As an added bonus, we just so happened to have the Minecraft soundtrack available, so we can use it as part of our dancing routines for even greater immersion and experience. Fantastic! You can even watch the ever lovely Kate demoing her finished software in a victory dance!


There’s still work to be done, bugs to be ironed out, and of course sleep to be had (a long, 10 hour day will do that to you), but in the end we are very satisfied with how far we’ve gotten!

Stay tuned for even more exciting developments down the pipeline! Dance Craft v0.002 coming soon!

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