Time flies! We have almost gone through the crazy, exciting and intense two-week period. Here is a synthesis of our whole process and how you can keep updated with us!

Our Process

Having a Ph.D. student in our team whose research area is about technology and autism kids, our fundamental understanding about the overall problem space is explicit. We decided to build a Xbox Kinect dance game based on our two predispositions: 1) dance therapy helps autism kids in terms of promoting physical activity and improve motor skills of children with autism; 2) kids with autism play the game MineCraft which provides a good platform for them to socialize with peers (doubt about how kids with autism play game and socialize with the others? Talk to our team member Kate Ringland, her work on MineCraft and children with autism can tell a lot about that!). Based on these understandings about the problem space, we had a meeting, we built up our social network sites and we had our logo designed to promote our idea [read more here].

Our Core is: to build an interactive and enjoyable game that helps promote physical activity and improve motor skills of children with autism through the readily available Xbox Kinect and the popular game MineCraft.

In order to better elicit the intention about how to direct children for dance therapy at home, we had an interview with the professor Andrew Palermo in UC Irvine’s Dance Department [read more here].

Based on every piece of research resource we had collected, we developed our more concrete design concept and we had our initial sketch ready [read more here].

At the same time, we kept reading more literature resources on study about color preference for autism kids, which helps our graphic design [read more here].

We spent two continues days on hi-fi prototype developing and application programing. We had a little girl who has autism – DanceAnn, as our persona going through our scenario [read more here], and we had a *nice* weekend working on the development [read more here]. 🙂

Now we have had our application working and we are polishing the details. At the same time, we need to make our video and poster, in order to give the audience a clear view of our idea in the final presentation this Friday!

We are looking forward to the presentation, and the feedbacks we will get then! See you there on Friday!

Keep Updated With Us

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